Bimbogami is back!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 09.21.46I should have posted this a couple of months ago but, as usual, other things took priority and it’s been a long time since I posted on here. But that’s about to change (honest!)

My puzzle site – Bimbogami – is back up and running again.

Newly rewritten in php, but retaining the original look and feel, most of the site is again operational, and puzzling folks are coming back slowly.

As a reminder, there are four puzzle seasons to try:

  • Bimbogami Season 1 – the original 40 sequential riddles, increasing with difficulty as you progress
  • Bimbogami Season 2 – as if one season wasn’t enough, it’s back with new challenges, and some old favourites
  • Musigami – a word-cloud based song-lyric quiz, using the same 40 question sequential format
  • Movigami – another word-cloud based challenge, this time with quotes from the movies

Free to join, with a forum for help should you be finding it a bit tough. Nearly 2,400 people have registered to play and, to date, only 66 have completed Season 1.

Can you do it?

Apple Rock!

Regular (ahem) readers will note that I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. Well, there’s nothing better when you’re in that apparent minority to have it confirmed to you.

I’m guessing the products speak for themselves, they’re sleek and cool and gorgeous-looking, they ‘just work’ and I suppose there is that little bit of elitism there too as they’re not too mainstream.

But what about Customer Service from the behemoth that Apple has become these days? The cynics would have you believe any company that grows big can easily lose touch with their customers.

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Coaster Review: Air

Another Alton Towers coaster; this time Air.

Air is a ‘flying’ coaster, which is the term for a coaster where the rider has a near horizontal seating position whilst riding, giving the impression of flying, like Superman.

I’ve only ridden this a couple of times before this visit, because for some strange coincidence it always seemed to be ‘off’ on my last couple of visits.

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Coaster Review: Rita

Another trip to Alton Towers recently prompted me to catch up on a backlog of coaster reviews I’d been meaning to do.

First up – Rita, formerly “Rita: Queen of Speed” (see below*), is a LSM launched coaster, much like the Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios Florida, technology-wise. It uses a Linear Synchronous Motor to accelerate the cars from 0-62mph in 2.2 seconds. It does take your breath away a bit.

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Spam Redux – Again!

I have posted about this a couple of times now. However, it still never ceases to amaze me, so here goes…

Another significant milestone was passed yesterday. Over 500,000 low-life, would-be spammers have joined the bimbogami forum in an attempt to post links to their often offensive, sometimes vile, but always pointless rubbish.

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It was all going so well.

I’ve often sung the praises of WordPress as a blogging platform. Particularly its functionality, flexibility and ease of use.

My blog’s been running for a couple of years without as much as a hitch. Adding themes and plugins, and upgrading to new versions were always a 1-click breeze.

But complacency sets in, and perhaps you don’t back up for a while. And, as everyone knows, that’s generally when disaster strikes.

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Top 20 posts

I could never be accused of being one of the most profligate blog posters in the world but I do keep an eye on my hits on each post, since I put a wee WordPress hack in place to count them.

I’d always thought my ‘Shame of Shamu‘ and ‘Is Disney Eco-Friendly?‘ posts were doing pretty well, beaten only by older posts. But they’ve been overtaken by one particular, more recent, post…

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Yum Yum

Well, Tom Yum really, as this is Tom Yum soup with crispy Wontons.

This is the end product (the photo, not the food) of my first venture into ‘proper’ pictures, ie. for a purpose other than my own pleasure.

It was done as a part of a small photo-shoot I did back in Frbruary, for Blue Chip Marketing, of a few dishes made by Tony Singh at Oloroso in Edinburgh.

The shots feature in a Visit Scotland-sponsored foodie booklet, along with the recipes to make the dishes and a competition to win foodie-goodies. The booklet is included as an insert in this month’s Sainsbury’s Magazine, out now, and The Observer Food Magazine, which came out at the weekend.

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